By Natalie Seaman
30th March 2017


The people who buy homes from us here at POD Projects Group come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and are looking to purchase a property for many different reasons. First home buyers, investors, downsizers, upsizers, students, public servants, tradies… and the list goes on. One thing they have in common though, is that they all ask questions when they visit our display suites.

I asked our sales professional, Steve Laughton, for the questions he gets asked most often at the display suites for Mezzo Gungahlin and Gateway Lawson. Here are the six most asked questions, and how he answers them:


1.    What was the price of a unit in this area 3-5 years ago?


Depending on the area in which you are looking to purchase, properties overall have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Take Gungahlin as an example. The median price of a home (house and units) in Gungahlin three years ago, back in 2014, was $510,000. Five years ago, in 2013, the median home price in Gungahlin was $460,000 (source: allhomes). In 2016 the median price for a Gungahlin home was $539,250.


2.    I have been trying to save a 20% deposit to avoid mortgage insurance, but real estate prices keep going up, meaning I have to save more.


If you are close to a 20% deposit, it may be time to speak with a home loan specialist to help you achieve your goal


3.    How can I buy now with a smaller deposit?


There are many finance options available, however you really need to speak with a home loan specialist. They will look at your personal situation and advise you of your options.


4.    I found a property that I loved, but there were a couple of deal breakers like single glazed windows and no dishwasher.


Depending on your budget, you may have to do without a few “extras” just to get yourself into the market. Thorough research on exactly what type of property you can buy on your budget will help. You can always upgrade things in your apartment at a later date.


5.    It is very hard to get some real answers regarding public transport, planned infrastructure, shopping and future expansion plans of the local area that I am looking to buy in.


Many areas in Canberra have a local community council that may meet on a regular timeframe. These meetings can be a place to ask questions of guest speakers or the people running the meeting. There are also local community group websites and facebook pages that have a swag of good information, and of course your local member of parliament is a good resource too. Here are a few links for you:



My Gungahlin

Gungahlin Community Council

Meegan Fitzharris MLA



Land Development Agency

Belconnen Community Council



Say Hello Kingston


6.    Is there someone I can make an appointment with to get some of my questions answered (even if I buy off someone else)?


At Pod Projects Group we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on buying and selling real estate. You are under no obligation to buy a property from us – we are just happy to help you along your way. Feel free to contact Steve or Marcus any time.


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